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At Lulu Ethiopian Vegan Restaurant, the heart and soul of our culinary journey is none other than our visionary chef/owner, Tigist. Tigist embodies a profound journey of transformation, transitioning from an over 20-year career in healthcare to the culinary world, all driven by the unique dietary needs of her daughter and her own personal commitment to leading a healthier life and providing healthier alternatives to traditional Ethiopian dishes.


As Tigist embarked on her culinary adventure, she sought innovative approaches to crafting delicious yet health-conscious meals, including vibrant vegan alternatives to traditional Ethiopian cuisine with a mission to demonstrate that delicious food and health can go hand in hand.


Join us to experience the incredible creations of chef Tigist, where love, health, culture, and the vibrant flavors of Ethiopia combine to offer you a unique and health-conscious way to savor the traditions of Ethiopian cuisine.

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Lulu Ethiovegan


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