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Lulu Ethiopian Vegan Restaurant is a heartfelt journey that began with a profound transformation within our family. Nestled in the heart of Minneapolis Stevens Square Neighborhood, Lulu Ethiopian Vegan Restaurant is more than just a culinary haven; it is the embodiment of a family's love and dedication to embracing a compassionate way of life. I watched in awe as my daughter, Lulu, made the life-changing decision to convert to a vegetarian diet and vegetarian lifestyle. Her choice stirred a profound sense of responsibility and an exploration of plant-based living.

As my daughter embarked on her journey towards vegetarianism, it became evident that finding suitable meat substitutes was a challenge, especially within the rich tapestry of Ethiopian cuisine. Determined to support her decision, our family sought alternatives that would satisfy her palate and beliefs, ultimately giving birth to our restaurant.

Lulu Ethiopian Vegan Restaurant offers a completely new way to experience Ethiopian flavors. We have embraced the challenge of finding suitable meat substitutes, creating innovative and delightful alternatives that satisfy both the palate and the conscience. Our mission is to show that compassion, sustainability, and culinary excellence can go hand in hand.

Ethiopian cuisine has always held a special place in our hearts, with its vibrant flavors and strong traditions of communal dining. As we delved deeper into the world of vegetarianism, we realized the incredible potential to make these cherished dishes completely vegan. We offer an extensive menu that embodies the essence of Ethiopia, made entirely with plant-based ingredients. From the spongy injera bread to the hearty stews and vibrant vegetable platters, every dish tells the story of our family's commitment to crafting delicious vegan cuisine.

Our doors are open to everyone, whether you are an experienced vegan or someone just starting on this path. Come join us on a journey of discovery, where plant-based ingredients transform tradition into delicious and vibrant flavors of Ethiopia and experience Ethiopian cuisine like never before without any compromise on the absolute purity of being 100% free from animal product contamination.

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At Lulu Ethiopian Vegan Restaurant, the heart and soul of our culinary journey is none other than our visionary chef/owner, Tigist. Tigist embodies a profound journey of transformation, transitioning from an over 20-year career in healthcare to the culinary world, all driven by the unique dietary needs of her daughter and her own personal commitment to leading a healthier life and providing healthier alternatives to traditional Ethiopian dishes.


As Tigist embarked on her culinary adventure, she sought innovative approaches to crafting delicious yet health-conscious meals, including vibrant vegan alternatives to traditional Ethiopian cuisine, with a mission to demonstrate that delicious food and health can go hand in hand.


Join us to experience the incredible creations of chef Tigist, where love, health, culture, and the vibrant flavors of Ethiopia combine to offer you a unique and health-conscious way to savor the traditions of Ethiopian cuisine.

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